2018-2019 Registration

Please notice that Tuition Fees have been increased for this year (2018-2019) the amount of $25 per student. 

Registration Started in May. For New Students, Please do the following:

1. Download the registration form here 

2. Complete and sign the form

3. Send the completed form and the registration fees (a check for $45) to:


P.O. Box 19895

Portland, OR 97280

4. Appointments are available on request, Please call 503 244-9606 or email the principal at principal@ispdx.org for appointments



ISP has an opportunity for an elementary or middle school teacher.   The number of hours will be 4 to 6.5 hours daily, depending on the amount of past teaching experience and credentials.  Please send your resume to the principal directly at: principal@ispdx.org




2016-2017 Registration and Admissions

Registration/Admission for year 2016-2017 is now open . New and Returning students’ Parents or Legal guardians must fill up a new registration form to reserve seats for their kids. Please do not wait as number of seats is limited.  Note that tuition fees have changed.  You can find the Registration Form here.

2015-2016 Intel Annual NW Science Expo

On Saturday, 4/23/2016, twelve of our ISP students presented ten projects at the 2016, 33rd Annual Intel Northwest Science Expo Science Fair. Our students were among the 402 middle school students competing regionally. With the help of their dedicated Science teacher, Nura, our students worked hard to perfect their projects in various categories.

ISP is  proud to announce that all the ten ISP projects received awards.

Congratulations to our students and their teacher Nura.

 2016-2016 Annual intel nw science expo_4x3

ISP Science Fair 2015-2016

Check out these wonderful and innovative student science fair projects.


If you have not registered, please register to reserve a place as soon as possible. Fill the Registration form found in the admission page and turn in with requested fees and documents to the principal of ISP. Spaces are limited. Once admitted, please work with the principal to order books/workbooks and other supplies. Here is the list of expected school supplies this year

We are Proud of ISP Students, Here is why!

Did you know ISP students have been competing in the Intel Science Fair tournaments against around 50 schools for the last few years? Here is how our student fared in the 2015 competition (For 2016, please see above announcement): Sumaya Nuradin: First Place- Behavioral Science “Forgotten Baby Syndrome: Real Diagnosis or an Excuse for Bad Parenting?”

Jasmine Haji: Honorable Mention – Behavioral Science: “The Eyes Have it” Maya Shaker, Fatima Ali, Nuradin Aden: Third Place Behavioral Science: “Does Color Affect the Perception of Taste?” Ulfet Tayba: Second Place – Chemistry: “Forget About Eating Sprouts, Use them for This!” Manar Abdeljawad: Third Place – Chemistry: “Ripe vs Fresh?” Layaal Khellah: Second Place – Consumer Product: “Are Organic Fruits and Juices Really Organic?” Yoonis Ali: Second Place – Microbiology: “Dental Hygiene – A Closer Look at Oral Bacteria”

Hope we changed your perception about Islamic Schools, especially ISP. We hope this will make rethink your position. Please continue your support. 

Optimizing The Way You Learn

Education is so very important to us here at the Islamic School of Portland.  We strive for excellence and student success on all levels.  Not only is education our priority, but maintaining an Islamic community is KEY when it comes to understanding how we can inspire our children to contribute back as practicing Muslims not only to our communities and society, but to all of humanity. 

  Throughout the years, ISP has been actively building upon a foundation that was built to provide a place for families with similar goals to enhance the way our children learn; It has been a steady and consistent journey.  Today and everyday we continue to strive to set the bar higher and  seek to meet and exceed these goals while providing an environment that reinforces what we teach.  Read more…

Individual Approach To All

Our families here at ISP come from many different cultural and educational backgrounds in which we use as an advantage towards a more diverse approach to individual achievements.  ISP in itself is a family.  As a family, we work together as a unit, helping, encouraging, and  motivating each other…no one gets left behind.