ISP faculty, staff, and volunteers would like to welcome back all of our students, and welcome all of our new students to the 2014 – 2015 school year!  ISP is thrilled to have all of you in school this year, and we are excited to get things started.

We will do a lot of reading, writing and mathematics this year…but we will have a lot of fun doing them because we have the best teachers on board, and they are all excited to start!   

We will begin the year with our Back to School Open House on Thursday September 18th.  We encourage all of our families to come out and meet your child’s teachers, staff, and other families at ISP.  We are a community of high achievers, we respect one another, and we all share a common love for our Deen.  Families and staff spend a lot of time together during the school year volunteering for hot lunches, conducting fund raisers, offering classroom support, and basically anything else that will contribute towards making the Islamic School of Portland a great place for our children to learn and thrive.

We also have an early start on our Annual FunDay Bazaar! It will be Saturday, September 27th on our school campus at Capitol Hwy.  Please feel free to check with the office to see what you can do to help make our bazaar successful this year.

Also this year, our teachers and staff have put in place excursions and field trips that are not only fun…but believe it or not, it’s educational too!  Parent volunteers are always encouraged to help chaperone our students on any activities that is off of school campus.  It is essential that we have appropriate adult supervision in order to provide exceptional off campus excursions each year.

We have a link for our 2014 -2015 school calendar here.  And please visit this blog often for updates and notices that are sent home through out the school year.  We understand that sometimes our ISP Handouts of important information doesn’t always make it home!  We will post any calendar changes, school updates, reminders/deadlines, school cancellations due to weather, fundraiser activities, and upcoming field trips HERE.

Our School Supplies list is located here at the Student Center.  Please make sure that your students come equip with all the necessary supplies, not just the first day of school, but everyday throughout the year.  Adequate books and supplies equals a confident and successful student.

Our School Uniforms are still BLUE & WHITE, and there has been one pertinent change in our school uniform policy.  Students must either wear BLUE or WHITE sweaters/jackets in school.  No hoodies.  No printed jackets.  No characters (animated or real).  Your child will be sent home with a notice and a reminder of the School Uniform Policy.

School Mission: EVERYONE at The Islamic School Portland will work together as a team. Our team goal is to further student learning in all curriculum areas. Each student, their family, and ISP faculty, staff, and volunteers are all members of the team. The success of our team is contingent upon the intellectual and creative success of each family. The foundation for our team is the idea of mutual respect. Respect is something that is earned. It is not an inalienable right bestowed upon an individual at birth. Throughout our lives we must earn the respect of those around us to be successful. Grant it, earning peoples’ respect is not an easy task. It takes hard work, honesty, integrity, and compassion.


Three of the most important qualities that define a successful team are mutual respect, cooperation, and communication amongst team members. Each student has the right to succeed unless the individual’s success comes at the expense of another team member (this means no talking while one of your peers is discussing something with the class). Each member of this team has the right to speak and voice his/her ideas and opinions as long as the voice is heard in an orderly manner (this means raise your hand). Each member of the team will take responsibility for his/her actions. If you take responsibility for your successes you must also take responsibility for your failures. In other words, if you start to struggle in your studies seek ways to find help (i.e., speak to your teacher after class for help, ask your friends, enlist parental assistance, etc.). To earn respect, you must arrive at school on time and come to class organized with all your materials for the day. You must show effort in all of your assignments and be an active member in class by participating (i.e., working in co-operative groups, asking questions, etc.). You must turn your work in on time and the work you turn in must be well thought out, organized, and well written. You must treat teachers, yourself and your classmates with respect and consideration.

For a team to be successful there must be well-defined team policies (RULES). The policies, if followed, will ensure a positive and rewarding experience for each student, and the class as a whole.

Basic Classroom etiquette is as follows:

  • Follow Directions – All directions and procedures will be clearly written and/or explained to you.
  • Before you ask me to explain the instructions or procedures again make sure you have read through them carefully.
  • Respect Others – Show the same courtesy to others as you would want shown to you. No inappropriate language and/or behavior will be tolerated.
  • Be Prepared – Have all school supplies (paper, pencils, notebook, textbook) readily available when you come to class.
  • Stay On Task – Work in class. If you finish your classwork, fill out your daily agenda/planner and then get to work on your on-going homework assignments. If you finish you can review for an upcoming test, work on a project, organize your notebook, etc.


At the Islamic School of Portland, we strive to prepare students to leave the school year each June ready and prepared for the upcoming year.  We expect them to be productive and self-directed.  We foresee an academically strong and enjoyable school year for all of our students and families!

Through  student, parent, and teacher involvement….ALL STUDENTS WILL SUCCEED!

Let’s all work together to make this the best year ever!

ISP faculty, staff and volunteers